Are you Building a New Home?

This exciting time can also be stressful as you try to make all the right choices and make sure the biggest investment of your life is the smartest. With energy efficiency optimization, future homeowners everywhere can make smarter decisions and save on the cost of owning their new home.
With home plans in hand, and working with your selected builder, the independent experts at eFree Advisors will help you and your builder make all the right decisions, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have got the most for your money through a sometimes stressful process.

eFree Has Saved Homeowners
In Energy Bills

What is Energy Optimization and Why is it Important?

Your monthly energy bill is typically the largest expense to owning a home. Before construction begins is the best time to identify potential energy saving areas. It’s a much more difficult task to make a home more efficient after it’s already been built, so the window of opportunity is when you have plans in your hand, but before a shovel is in the ground.