Are You a Builder?

eFree is always adding more builders to our growing network. As a builder, you likely focus on building beautiful homes that look the way the homeowners always dreamed it would; and do so on time and on budget. As you well know, this is a full time job in and of itself.

This is where eFree can save the day. We have partnered up with multiple builders throughout Wisconsin to be their independent, energy optimization, and building science experts. Every home they build, we model and optimize. We also assist with subcontractor specifications, visit the job site during the build, and test the home at completion to ensure it’s as efficient as we said it would be! It’s proven to be a fantastic way for builders to become energy leaders in their market who are now not only building beautiful homes, but also the most bang for buck homes through optimization. Any energy or building science questions that arise, eFree is there as their energy back office to provide help. There’s no buy-in to this program and eFree is paid by project, keeping the builders’ costs variable and protecting them from “down” years.  Contact us to talk more about how we can work together to build better homes in your area.