SmartSpend™ Online

eFree provides an online service using our proprietary SmartSpend™ program. If you live outside of Wisconsin and desire to optimize your build cost to know without a doubt that you’re building the most home for the money, then this service is perfect for you.

For only $499* you can rest assured that you’re making all the right decisions on the biggest investment of your life. SmartSpend™ saves the typical homeowner thousands in cost of ownership, so the payback is immediate.

SmartSpend™ Online is exactly the same product we use on local projects during initial modeling and optimization. Through this online platform, you can submit your home plans, lot specifics, and a couple more details. With this information in hand, eFree will build your exact home within the computer, model its performance, and then apply those results to our SmartSpend™ program which will independently determine the smartest way to build your home to optimize its build cost. eFree then sends you a final report with all the answers to the test! From there you or your builder can ensure the home is bid out to match SmartSpend™ recommendations and you’re on your way.

SmartSpend™ looks at every feature and identifies if energy efficiency upgrades save more on monthly energy bills than they increase mortgage cost. For example, if additional attic insulation saves $10 on monthly energy bills while only increasing monthly mortgage payments by $5, then you should invest! At a certain point more attic insulation will cost more than it saves, and SmartSpend™ will no longer recommend the upgrade. No more guessing what windows, insulation, or furnace to use. eFree will give you all of the answers, leaving you with money leftover in your pocket!

Combining energy modeling and financial analysis with cutting edge technology and independent recommendations is guaranteed to help your next home be the most valuable you’ve ever lived in or built and the lowest cost to own (mortgage payment plus energy bill). No matter if it’s a big home or small home, two-story or ranch; every homeowner should strive to make the smartest decisions on how to build their home. On the other hand, every builder should build better, more valuable homes by optimizing build cost upfront! Avoiding bad build decisions can save thousands, while making the right decisions also will save money immediately.

Is Your Home Ready for SmartSpend™ Online?

Below is a simple checklist to determine if and when your project will be ready to be optimized with SmartSpend™ Online. Click each section to read more about the details needed. 

We rarely recommend layout or aesthetic changes to your home plans because we know that any shape, size, or style home can be optimized and the look and functionality should be exactly how you want it. That being said, it’s best if you have your home plans nearly completed and lot purchased. Whether you have a builder lined up or don’t quite yet doesn’t affect how eFree models and optimizes your home.

In just a week or two after the necessary information is submitted, you’ll have a SmartSpend™ Report emailed to you providing you with the exact recipe for your home that will provide maximum savings on a minimized investment. Every home we’ve optimized to date has saved more on the first month’s energy bills than the mortgage payment has increased. More simply said, this energy efficiency has an immediate payback and the savings only grow thereafter due to energy inflation.

Construction-grade plans are necessary for eFree to accurately model your home. These plans should include: cross sections, ceiling heights and variances (vaults, trays, etc), window sizes, and full perimeter dimensions.
Knowing where your home is going to be built is important to properly model and optimize it. Your lot will determine which fuels are available, who your utility company is, what the local weather is like, whether you’ll have a well and septic or a sewer and city water, and more. Lastly, knowing which way is South may have an affect on the SmartSpend™ results. The ability to add solar panels or incorporate passive solar design is dependent on your Southern exposure.

*Pricing applies to all homes under 4,000 square feet fully above ground. Homes over 4,000 square feet above ground may require additional costs depending on complexity.