Optimize Your Next Home For Free

That’s right, free. We’re offering to provide an estimated savings projection for all new homes. Optimization of your home plans finds the perfect balance of mortgage payments and energy bills. Adding $50 extra to your mortgage payment sounds like a bad idea, but what if it saved you $125 on energy bills? Shouldn’t everyone do that? No paybacks, no calculating a return on investment; just lower costs by using optimization.

As a homeowner you have your personal list of wants and needs for your next home. You express those to your builder and he handles the rest. The rest is more than just building the home. The rest includes the builder picking out how much attic insulation, what type and how much wall insulation, and everything else related to your energy bill.

You may be thinking to yourself that you really don’t have a strong preference on the type or amount insulation anyway. However, every homeowner wants whatever is the biggest bang for their buck. 

Home optimization figures out this exact “recipe” for your specific home. Why build your home the same as every other one when no two homes and lots are ever the same? Instead, modeling and optimizing your home before construction starts allows you to know:

  • That you will have the lowest cost of ownership possible (mortgage payment plus energy bill).
  • Your monthly energy bill before building begins.
  • That you’ll have an energy efficient home, but didn’t guess at what was “worth it” and what wasn’t.
  • That you had an independent energy expert who’s only goal was to maximize your savings while minimizing your investment.
  • That you’ll have improved comfort and indoor air quality through smart, efficient construction practices.