SmartSpend™ Optimization

Build Smarter, Save More

Before You Build

Prior to building your dream home, get an independent analysis of your building plans with recommendations for optimization that are guaranteed to save you money or they are FREE. The experts at eFree Advisors have worked with many homeowners and their builders to lower costs of building while achieving 35%-45% lower energy bills.

The sooner you get eFree Advisors involved, the more money you will save. It’s never too early.

Guaranteed To Save You Money

For only $499* we will simulate your home’s performance within our software, then using billions of different combinations, we find the perfect recipe that yields the lowest cost of ownership. No builder or other service can do this analysis, and no other company provides their customers with a savings guarantee like eFree Advisors. If we don’t show you and your builder how to save more than our fee in the very first year, our services are free.

There is absolutely no risk to optimizing your new home, just lots of opportunity to save money. In fact, the average new home that is optimized saves more than $600 in the first year and $38,000 over 20 years. That’s a lot of additional vacation money, or even a good start to a college savings fund.

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Let us know where you plan to build and where you are in the process. Whether you are still in the planning stage, drawings are complete, you have selected your builder, or you are already in the process of building, we can probably save you thousands of dollars, but remember that the sooner you get us involved the more you will save!

More About Our SmartSpend™ Optimization Process

See what a SmartSpend Report looks like.

We use our SmartSpend™ software to simulate your home’s performance and optimize key components to arrive at the lowest combination of energy and mortgage costs. For example, should attic insulation be R38, R50, or R75? Higher insulation levels save energy, but they also cost more, which increases your build costs and mortgage payment. The optimal insulation level is the one with the lowest energy + mortgage costs. We find it for you and your builder so you don’t have to guess.

eFree Advisors optimizes all key areas of your new home, finding the absolute lowest cost and saving you thousands of dollars. Here are the areas we optimize:

  • Basement insulation levels (floor, walls, rim/band joist)
  • Above grade insluation levels (walls, windows, doors, attic)
  • Air infiltration and ventilation (how leaky your home is and how it breathes)
  • HVAC (heating and cooling equipment)
  • Plumbing (water heating, water-saving fixtures and appliances)
  • Lighting (LED, CFL, or other lighting options)
  • Solar (solar electric and solar hot water)

I’m Already Building Efficiently

Some think that their house is already optimized because they have a reputable architect or builder. This is almost never true. In many cases we see thousands of dollars in wasted money and a lifetime of higher energy bills. Without completing a rigorous optimization process there is no way to know if you are getting the most for your money. Don’t guess on your future, optimize before you build.

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*Pricing applies to all homes under 4,000 square feet fully above ground. Homes over 4,000 square feet above ground may require additional costs depending on complexity.